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   The future is ours!


Black, Bold and Brilliant is a North Minneapolis based non profit organization that provides a holistic framework for communal determination by engaging, guiding and empowering youth of the African diaspora to find their purpose and voice thru the arts to step into creative, ethical and civic leadership to develop a healthy and thriving community.  


The organization was birthed out of necessity during the George Floyd uprisings. Educator & founder, Wisdom Mawusi, understood the source of the frustration and the fires, but also the immediate impact that fires were having on residents and prayed that North Minneapolis would be spared and that no more blood would be shed.  



The morning after the fires reached her community, Wisdom Mawusi, worked with other volunteers to help clean and provide resources for those need. It was during this time that she witnessed a large group of young people taking a sledge hammer to an ATM- eventually a police officer arrived on the scene and she feared what would happen next. Would the bodies or the futures of these young people be killed because they were Black, righteously angry, but misguided to the easiest outlet of that frustration- destruction? What about building? Given the opportunity, they would be just as invested in that. She wondered who could gather the youth and provide programming for self-actualization and community development. She agreed to accept her own challenge and called two powerful, art activists - Eshay brantley and Namir Fearce, co-founders of Black, Bold and Brilliant. 

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